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¡SILENCIO, POR FAVOR! - Anna de Riga


The work captures a moment of deep connection and serenity and invites us to reflect on the beauty and depth of human relationships.

The sign of silence in the foreground suggests an unspoken pact between the couple to keep their secrets, protect and nurture their special bond.

The work is made in a special technique: acrylic and oil on a semi-transparent canvas with a layer of Airon-fix on the background, which reflects daylight to create a magical sensation of movement. It also includes integrated LED lights to illuminate the work at night.

  • The work has been selected for the final of the IV National Painting Award competition of the Rotary Club Valencia Centro and has been exhibited in an open exhibition in June 2023 at EspaiX del Marcado de Tapineria in Valencia.
  • The work has been exhibited in the collective exhibition “Perspectives de quotidianitat” at Casa de la cultura de Alzira in July-August 2023.

(Dis)Equilibrium - JP Art


2023 Economy of Francesco (EOF) award winner



The painting shows an idyllic setting in a forest, where nature unfolds with exquisite beauty.

In the foreground, the birch trunks stand out, which have been painted with a detailed and realistic texture, adding a tactile sensation to the work. The trunks are made with a fluorescent paint that releases light at night. The work is painted in acrylic on a semi-transparent canvas with an airon-fix layer and integrated LED to illuminate it at night.

Behind the trunks, lies a serene lake surrounded by vegetation. The waters of the lake reflect the calm of the sky, creating the calm and harmonious atmosphere of the place. As the work is made on a semi-transparent canvas with a layer of airon-fix in the background, which reflects daylight, the effect of the artistic technique creates a magical sensation of the movement of the landscape.

The sensation of depth and distance, created with several planes of the landscape, invites the viewer to enter the painting and explore the beauty and mystery of nature.

Albín Animal - Natália Junasová


The work presents the rarity of the human and animal worlds connected by a kind of network into one positively perceived whole. Otherness and a view of life to which every living being has the right. Being different should not be criticized by society, it is everyone’s journey and each of us is unique.


This is a Limited edition original 100% painted by Leonid Afremov. After the master original was sold Afremov had created a few copies by himself. This painting is the last one available from the limited edition, it is the 10th out of 10 paintings in the world. The painting comes signed and numbered by Leonid Afremov accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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