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Fake Red - Anna de Riga


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The series painting consists of two pieces identical in size and concept. This painting is painted in an intense ultramarine blue on a semi-transparent canvas and has a layer of methacrylate with a mirror effect on the back, which creates an effect of reflection and movement of light. In the center of the canvas, the word “RED” stands out, made with a texture.

However, what is truly interesting about this work is revealed when the LED light that is integrated inside the painting is turned on. With the light on, the word “FAKE” becomes visible, emerging in a surprising way and only perceptible with the lighting. This effect hidden and revealed by light creates a conceptual and enigmatic message in the work.

The painting invites the viewer to reflect on the duality between what is openly shown and what is really hidden or invisible to the naked eye. It is a visual game that questions perception and truth, suggesting that appearances can be deceptive and that there is often more than meets the eye.

Each viewer can interpret and discover their own meaning, making it a painting that challenges perception and stimulates the imagination.

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Dimensions100 × 110 cm

Signed front and back


Certificate of Authenticity provided


Mixed Media


Stretched canvas on frame ready to hang


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